Fingier Records presents: WORLD GOT SOUL SERIES

At this point everyone who has listened to even just a few seconds of the 6 tracks Fingier Records have release so far will notice that it’s a diverse combinations of rhythms. There’s touches of Mod Jazz, Northern Soul, Boogaloo, Rhythm & Blues and Funk. Yet they all have the same sound and identity. And that’s what Fingier Records it’s all about. It’s about Soul music in all it’s forms.

So it makes sense that the Argentinian producer wants to go deeper with his vision. After three very successful records, all of them sold out, released in what we’re now calling ‘The Classic Series’, he wanted to create something different. Something that still has soul running through it but that brings new elements to the table.

World Got Soul is the name we gave it. It’s the new series of Fingier Records, a new series where our Argentinian producer will create Soul records but mixed with traditional music from around the globe.

“I’m really into Brazilian Soul, African Funk, Latin Jazz and Soul and Ethiopian Jazz just to name a few genres. I think there’s a whole universe of Soul and Funk music made in those places, with a unique sound as interesting as it’s story. In the same way the latin people mixed Soul with their rhythms, Geraldo Pino did it in Nigeria, Tim Maia made it in Brazil, Mulatu Astatke made it in Ethiopia, and the result blew my mind.” says Fingier.

Kevin has a unique ear for a vocalist. So far he tracked down the Northern Soul legend Gerri Granger and had her sing obscure raw funk. Then he signed the amazing Jo Ann Hamilton who sung two killer tracks released on this last record. For this new series Kevin has signed singers from Brazil, Africa and elsewhere, but who are now based in Argentina. Mixing his sound with their language, his identity with theirs and specially creating amazing Soul music for people from all around the world.

So that’s what we are doing with this series. We hope you love it and join us on this journey. You’ll discover a new way to appreciate what Soul Music has generated around the world.