New Release: Jo Ann Hamilton & The Kevin Fingier Collective – September / I Love Without A Love


Richard Searling: ‘Both tracks are excellent. Anything you see from this label with Kevin Fingier via the UK-based Acid Jazz Group comes highly recommended from myself’

After the stunning success of ‘Latin Dynamite / El Basement’ by The Kevin Fingier Collective, which sold out 15 days before the release date, the Argentinian producer has discovered a new talent: Jo Ann Hamilton.

Jo Ann Hamilton, from Georgia – USA, was born and raised around Soul and R&B music, Motown Records was the soundtrack of her childhood. Inspired by Diana Ross & The Supremes, she started to sing at the age of 7 and became part of the Gospel Choir from the ‘Melton Chappel’ church. In the mid 70s Mrs Hamilton became part of the Disco scene and almost 50 years later, the universe joined her and Kevin Fingier in Buenos Aires, Argentina to create this amazing piece of vinyl.

Calling this a ‘Double Sider’ wouldn’t be enough, it has two monster tracks, two heartbreaking tunes with that 60’s sound we’re getting use to receiving from Fingier Records.

The A-side presents ‘September’; a monster Northern Soul track which could have been made in the 60’s and become a classic in the Wigan Casino days. On the B-side we have ‘I love Without A Love’ – killer R&B; obscure, exotic and very funky.

“I love to mix concepts, and to create hybrid tracks. In September, I composed it and arranged it as if it was an R&B track, but produced it as a Northern Soul, and then in ‘I Love Without A Love’ I produced it as an R&B track but I added to it a funky groove so it’s funkier than the early 60’s R&B but without loosing that obscure popcorn feel that I love so much” says Kevin Fingier.

Jo Ann Hamilton’s debut single with The Kevin Fingier Collective will be out April 23rd and the release is limited, so get yours before it’s too late!

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