New Release: Nimbus Sextet – Dreams Fulfilled (Fradinho Remix)

Following on from the success of their first two Acid Jazz-released singles, ‘Trap Door’ and ‘Lily White’ (both B-listed on Jazz-FM), Nimbus Sextet are set to release the third single from the debut album DREAMS FULFILLED. For the album’s title track, the Scottish Jazz outfit decided to enlist the services of renowned Portuguese DJ/Remixer, Fradinho (Eclectic Beats Music), who has brought a new feel to the track.


Rui Fradinho has been DJing since the age of 15, having played drums and keyboards on several different projects and starting his electronic music production journey in 2001.

His musical base stems across different genres, including House, Drum N Bass, Hip Hop, Footwork, Bass Music, having more recently nurtured a deeper devoted passion for all things Broken Beat / Nu Jazz.


For this release, Fradinho spent time recreating the original keyboards on his own harmonic terms, taking time to step and stop into every single chord change and play them one by one. He embraced the challenge to achieve the harmonic colours that fit the track perfectly.


“This was an absolute pleasure to make as I’m recently digging deeper on the fields of jazz and having a lot of broken beat records in my collection that are massively influenced by jazz”Fradinho, 2021


Dreams Fulfilled (Fradinho Remix) will be available digitally on the 8th March whilst Nimbus Sextet’s debut album DREAMS FULFILLED continues to receive wide-spread critical acclaim from all corners of the Jazz world and beyond.