Orchestre Anassoua-Jazz De Parakou-Nord – Bakassine Gabou/Moumouni Bassina Borou Fo 7″


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In stock

Parakou is a remote town just over 400 km north of Cotonou and was home Orchestre Anassoua-Jazz de Parakou. The band recorded a series of singles and EPs for Albarika though the 70s (plus a handful for other labels) but never realised a full album.

These two tracks were released as a 45 in 1975, but this is so scarce that a copy is yet to surface on eBay and it isn’t even listed on Discogs. But it’s not all about the rarity – ‘Bakassine Gabou’ is highly-charged hypnotic dancer perfect for DJs, while ‘Moumouni Bassina Borou Fo’ builds in sonic intensity by layering guitar, vocals and percussion.

Both tracks were transferred, restored and mastered from the original 1/4 inch tape.

Side A
Bakassine Gabou

Side B
Monmouni Bassina Borou Fo


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