Deluxe reissue of Leroy Hutson’s 1976 album ‘Feel The Spirit’ featuring for the only time the Free Spirit Symphony.

Released in the same year as the famous Hutson II, ‘Feel The Spirit’ including popular tracks such as Never Know What You Can Do (Give It A Try) and Lover’s Holiday.

The CD comes with one bonus track, the single edit of ‘Feel The Spirt (’76)’ and a full colour inner sleeve complete with in-depth notes by award winning soul expert Tony Rounce.

Part of Acid Jazz’s campaign to reissue all of Mr. Hutson’s classic albums which has received impressive support at both radio and press.

It’s The Music
Let’s Be Lonely Together
Never Know What You Can Do (Give It A Try)
A Lover’s Holiday
Feel The Spirit (‘76)
Don’t Let It Get Next To You
Feel The Spirit (‘76) Single Edit