Leroy Hutson – ‘Hutson’ (LP)


Out of stock

Out of stock

It was one of the great thrills of recent years to be able to issue the catalogue of soul legend Leroy Hutson on Acid Jazz. With our agreement due to expire, we’ve decided to offer our last remaining stock for sale at a huge discount, rather than let these amazing records disappear into the void of the record distribution machine!
We have two stunning 7”s available – ‘Lucky Fellow’ and ’Now That I Find You’ (both at £3) – and the LPs ‘Hutson’, ‘Oh Love Oh Love’ and ’The Man!’ (each going at £4). This could be the last chance to pick these seminal, essential classic soul recordings, so order yours now.
Hutson – tracklisting:
  1. “All Because of You” 7:03
  2. “I Bless the Day” 4:03
  3. “It’s Different” 4:43
  4. “Cool Out” 3:00
  5. “Lucky Fellow” 5:03
  6. “Can’t Stay Away” 5:35
  7. “So Much Love” 3:22


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