Originally released in 1978 on the obscure label out of Mississippi Commercial, Let Me Be Your Lover is now reissued and available again in the UK/Europe for this first time. This is a timely reissue of this ultra rare LP that is fetching prices upwards of £600 online. The album includes the absolute monster album version of the modern soul/crossover classic Gonna Find A True Love, which was reissued on Miles Away earlier this year. The album version of this track gives the 7” a run for it’s money.

1. Let Me Be Your Lover
2. He’s A Loser
3. How Long Must The Show Go On
4. A Good Thing
5. Gonna Find A True Love (Album Version)
6. Funk Machine
7. You Give Me Someone To Love
8. Disco Dream

“This album features the hit track ‘Gonna Find a True Love’. When we first heard this song, it really hit home and inspired us. The beat is uplifting and irresistible. This song is so very relatable not only to us but to others throughout the world and it’s still relevant today!!I It’s hard to resist the song’s tempo! Go ahead – grove to the beat and find yourself a true love!”
Estus Patterson, 2019

Let Me Be Your Lover is an album is undeniably deep, soulful and passionate and now fully licensed from Estus and Lester Patterson.

Re-mastered and available on both LP and CD

“We want to thank all our fans the world over for being a part of the Patterson Twins’ vision!!” Estus Patterson, 2019