The James Taylor Quartet – ‘Mission Impossible’ (Red Vinyl LP)


*Pre-Order / Releases 19 January, 2024*

To mark the 35th Anniversary of Acid Jazz, we have been reissuing seminal records from our catalogue on colour vinyl. The final instalment – and the second James Taylor Quartet release in the series – is this this version of ‘Mission Impossible’ is pressed on a fitting red vinyl.

The original release track-listing showcases JTQ’s sixties soundtrack odyssey – driving organ instrumentals from the beginnings of Acid Jazz, showing James and the original lineup in their prime. Alongside Lalo Schifrin’s iconic title track appear tracks by Herbie Hancock, Paul Simon and Bacharach & David, before the Taylor-penned original ‘The Stooge’ closes out this lean, hip collection.

  1. Blow Up
  2. Mission Impossible
  3. Goldfinger
  4. The Cat
  5. Mrs. Robinson
  6. Alfie
  7. The Stooge