The James Taylor Quartet – ‘The Money Spyder’ (Clear Vinyl LP)


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In stock

The James Taylor Quartet – ’The Money Spyder’. Clear-vinyl reissue, is out now. The birth of Acid Jazz in one record…

Continuing our 35th Anniversary series, reissuing foundation Acid Jazz records on colour vinyl, we’re excited to present a new, remastered, clear vinyl edition of The James Taylor Quartet’s seminal debut ‘Money Spyder’.

Taking the form of a classic soundtrack, the album perfectly encapsulates the sound of acid jazz on one record – heavy, organ-driven instrumentals led by Hammond maestro James Taylor. A sublime mixture of Booker T-styled grooves and Lalo Schifrin-inspired soundtrack elements.


1.   The Money Spyder

2.   One Way Street

3.   Car Chase

4.   The Spiral Staircase

5.   Mr. Cool’s Dream

6.   A Real Mean Time

7.   The Onion Club

8.   The Stroll

9.   ‘Los Cuevos Pablo’

10. Midnight Stump (The New Rumba)

11. Buzy Bee

12. In The Park


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