X-Press 2 sign with Acid Jazz

New album coming in 2023.

Original recordings to be released on digital platforms for the very first time. 

Listen to ‘Muzik X-Press’ now.

‘Sometimes, in our role running a record label, both Ed and I can’t believe the people we get to work with. Over the last year, we have been in discussions with Rocky and Diesel regarding their work as ‘X-Press 2’.

‘Today we can announce, not only have we signed their classic recordings, but also that we have signed them as a current artist to the label. We will be releasing their first new music for over a decade in 2023. We would like to thank them both for trusting us with their legacy.’

Dean Rudland & Eddie Piller, Directors of Acid Jazz Records  

Famed for their 2002 hit ‘Lazy’, recorded with David Byrne, X-Press 2 are one of UK dance music’s most vital institutions. Originally consisting of Rocky, Diesel and Ashley Beedle, and renowned for their 6-deck DJ gigs, they released a stream of dance-floor winners for the Junior Boy’s Own label throughout the ’90s, before they signed to Skint in 2000.

The six singles released on JBO have never been available in the digital age – the ‘original versions’ of the first two on Skint are re-recordings – and Acid Jazz Records will reissue them for the very first time. As a weekly series, we will be releasing ‘Music X-Press’, ‘London X-Press’, ‘Say What!’, ‘Rock 2 House’/‘Hip Housin’, ‘The Sound’ and ‘Trans Euro X-Press’, along with various mixes, on all streaming platforms and as high quality digital downloads. We start with the dance anthem ‘Muzik X-Press’.