Leroy Hutson – Now That I Found You

Hutson returns with his second 7″ single on Acid Jazz Records, this time recorded in 1982 it see’s the master veer into boogie territory. Another exclusive Acid Jazz Hutson 7″, backed with the evergreen ‘Get To This (Get To Me)’, both tracks making their first appearance on a 7 inch.

‘Positive Forces’ has now sold out – we reckon this one will too.

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Judy Dyble & Andy Lewis: Summer Dancing Out Now!

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“An atmosphere of oblique strategies for navigating 50 years of British psychedelia”
– Shindig ★★★★

“Dyble’s engagement with the music business after decades of silence continues in conquering style here”
– UNCUT ★★★★

“An original and haunting collection” 
– ★★★★

 “Immense charm amid inherent waywardness and the distant echoes of psychedelia are unexpectedly beguiling” 

Leroy Hutson: Anthology 1972-1984

Acid Jazz are proud to announce the next step in our exploration of Leroy Hutson’s catalogue. “Anthology 1972-84” is the essential collection of his work from his classic era.
Eddie Piller: “Leroy is one of the fundamental influences on my career, his music is era defining, and to be working with him and this music is a realisation of a dream that I have tried to make a reality for over 25 years”. Released on the 20th October 2017.
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Lost Tobacco Road Released 11th August!

Men Of North Country’s new single ‘Lost Tobacco Road’ featured on their new album ’The City’ is set to be performed in the next month on the 25th and 26th of August at London’s Got Soul and Brighton Mod Weekender, following its release on August the 11th. The soul gem from Israel display memorable melodies, infectious hooks and refreshingly honest lyrics to their listeners. ‘The City’ is the group’s second album following their debut, ‘The North’, and has received commendable attention. Particularly from the live session that the band appeared on – Craig Charles Funk and Soul Show on BBC 6 music and the track also appeared on Lauren Laverne’s ‘Best Live Music on BBC6 2016’.

Acid Jazz Latest Releases

Matt Berry – The Small Hours zooms in on the hours of morning twilight and how that awakening feeling and the moment all his wild imagination springs to life. The release of ‘The Small Hours’ marks Berry’s return following his release of the critically acclaimed ‘Kill The Wolf’ three years ago. Each track on the new album recognises different intriguing characters and compelling situations with underlying themes of: Death, religion and loneliness, that are reflected through Berry’s gift of story telling through his vivid lyrics. The album steers towards traditional psych-folk taking a diversion to a new age sound through Matt’s musicality. The album also features, special guests and friends/band members including: Ben Castle (bass, sax and clarinet), Steve Journdonas (trumpet) and Folk artist Cecilia Fage (backing vocals), providing the album with a more distinct, recognisable sound. Buy Now

New Street Adventure – ‘Stubborn Sons’ has the incentive to reflect British society as it is today, inspired by The Jam’s reflection of Thatcher’s Britain and Curtis Mayfield’s reflection of mid-’70’s America. For example, ‘What’s So Good About Happiness?’ is a track aimed at addressing the social media absorbed society we live in and ‘Why Should We Do Anything?’ focusses on the irrational government cuts to arts funding and the track ‘One And The Same’ was inspired by public reaction to the 2015 Tunisian Terror Attack, aiming to convey the message – hatred doesn’t make things any better – just the opposite. The band have been very much a working progress and there release of ‘Stubborn Sons’ is their spotlight moment. Following the band’s success of their 2014 debut with ‘No Hard Feelings’ the band have made multiple adaptions with hopes to receive even greater success and separate themselves further in terms of originality. The band have tested their new sound whilst on tour with the ‘The Riffles’ across the UK, in addition to playing their own European tour, with some festival performances in there too and sell out London dates at 222 and The Jazz Cafe. Despite the topical weight many tracks on the album hold, it is very much made up of pulsating grooves, and euphoric sounds. Demonstrating the path New Street Adventure are destined to take of filling out stadiums, as the group are a clear example that persistence makes perfect. Buy Now

The Fleur De Lys, commitment to their sound is dated back to 1964 when the band was first formed, yet back in the swinging sixties fame failed to grasp hold of the band. Once designated house session band for the UK Atlantic label, The Fleur De Lys released seven 45s across a five year period. Following this their most recent release – ‘I Can See A Light – The Singles Box Set’ that includes, ‘Wait For Me’ the original b-side to their debut single ‘Moonbeams’ the song that was mysteriously replaced with a Jimmy Page instrumental. As well as, The Fleur’s version of The Who’s hit ‘Circles’. Within the Box Set you’ll receive, a fully illustrated 32 page booklet with sleeve notes from Acid Jazz founder Eddie Pillar and original drummer from the Fleur De Lys. Buy Now.

Rare Mod has essentially evolved since 2009 following the release of the first LP titled ‘Rare Mod’ that elicited the release of an additional five LPs fourteen EPs, four artists albums and two reunion concerts. Making it only seem reasonable to form this complication of ‘The Best Of Rare Mod CD Boxset’. Artists featured on the boxset include: The Mountain Men, The Aphex, The Koobas, Kenny Bernard and The Top Six. Alongside further artists under greater spotlight: The Artwoods, The Fleur De Leys, Sharon Tandy, Carl Douglas and Geno Washington. The Box Set features soul sounds from the likes of The Ossie Layne Show’s ‘Rock My Plimsole’, dance floor fillers such as ‘I’m Out’ by Richard Kent Style, with the addition of garage R&B from the Mountain Men’s ‘Too Many People Around’. The box set also rekindles somewhat hidden treasures such as ‘House of Rising Sun’ discovered by Derek Griffiths, which displays jazz-rock elements. Buy Now.

Leroy Hutson’s ‘Positive Forces’ emphasises his nature of a soul legend – being the heir to the great Curtis Mayfield in The Impressions, which then catalysed his solo career. The first out of the traps is a double sided limited edition 45 containing two previously unreleased Hutson gems. The A-side is a recording that never got released back in 1977, making its debut on this single, alongside the unreleased full length instrumental of ‘All Because Of You’. Buy Now.

Acid Jazz Cools Out

Acid Jazz presents a collection of laid back tracks appropriately fitted for the summer, with sounds from: Mac Pac, Matt Berry, Vibraphonic, Basic Hip and many more!



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We Are Releasing Leroy Hutson – Positive Forces

Acid Jazz is proud to announce that it has entered a long term licensing deal with soul legend Leroy Hutson.

Hutson, long revered on the soul scene for his production, songwriting and perfromace skills, was Curtis Mayfield’s heir apparent chosen by the great man, to replace him in the Impressions, and then groomed for an extensive solo career on Curtis own label, Curtom.

The Hutson catalogue has not been available on any format for nearly two decades. The label will be working with Leroy and his team to create the definitive sounding masters, and unearthing lost gems from his extensive archive.

First out of the traps is a double sided limited edition 45 containing two previously unreleased Hutson gems. The A-side is a previously unreleased 1977 recording, which is making its debut on this single. It is coupled with the unreleased full length instrumental of ‘All Because Of You’.

A Side
– Positive Forces
B Side
– All Because Of You (Instrumental)

Released on the 23rd June 2017

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